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Akron Ohio Moms | June 4, 2015

Get Bright Natural Light with the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

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One of my biggest pet peeves is not having enough light where I am working. I need to see! Another thing I dislike are lights that give off too much heat. I have found a beautiful solution with the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp for natural light. It provides cool, white light that looks very natural, just like sunlight. The 50 LEDs lend to a bright light beam that can be adjusted with the touch of the lamp's base.
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NuGreen LED Desk Lamp Review
LED lights don't emit any heat, so the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp is the perfect light for everyone, especially during the Summer. It also makes a great gift for students, crafters, artists, researchers, designers, and anyone with an office. It is a creative gift for Father's Day too!

I like the modern design too! The lamp features a "gooseneck" that allows you to position the light beam wherever it is needed.
As many of you know, my son is Type 1 Diabetic. This means that he has to have his blood glucose levels checked around the clock. My husband and I test his blood sugar every night between 2-3am. Before we received the NewerTech NuGreen lamp, we would have to turn on his ceiling light or bedside lamp that produced too much light! Now, we can adjust the light to exactly the level we need and point it directly where we need it so we don't wake him up. Plus, there is no sound turning the light on or off, so it doesn't disturb him.
Elijah likes the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp too because the bight light is perfect for bedtime reading and drawing! I like that it never heats up, so I don't have to worry about burned fingertips!
The NuGreen LED Desk Lamp will also save money and is good for the environment. It only uses 3.6 watts of total power and last up to 45,000 hours! That is more than 22 X longer than ordinary bulbs.

Purchase NuGreen LED Lamp This lamp makes a thoughtful Father's Day gift! You can purchase the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp on the NewerTech website for $49.99.

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