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A Life More Lived | June 25, 2014

Product Review: NuGuard GripStand 3 Case for iPad 2 & 3

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I was recently sent a NuGuard GripStand 3 Case for my iPad 2 to review. I've taken a while of trying it out before posting this review and I have to say I LOVE IT!
I love the fact that it fits with the Apple Smart Cover I already had; I love the handle that makes it easy to hold, hang or stand; I love the fact that it makes my iPad look like a shield from the movie Spartacus.

It's easy to fit your iPad into the case and although it's extremely sturdy it really doesn't add that much weight. The handle also makes it really easy to hold on to if you're using it on the go.

Retailing at £26.40 and available in the UK from the NuGuard GripStand 3 Case is really affordable and I'd highly recommend it.

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