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Android Coliseum | August 12, 2015

Power2U USB Wall Outlet – Review

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Sometimes being a tech reviewer is fun, you get to try out the devices that some folks are interested in, sometimes these devices help yourself out... sometimes they help your own scenario, so there is an element of greed in reviewing. But sometimes you learn something.

My latest adventure comes from getting the Power2U wall outlet with USB ports. Sweet. I've switched from having a couple wall plugs to charge my phone and watch on my night stand to the 6 port USB desktop charger. This will help even more help reduce the clutter of wires.

And then I learned a few things while trying to review it. It was a bit of a fun experience.

So, let's get the review part out of the way and I'll tell you my story after.

It'll run you about $30 each, and you can buy in bulk (so if you want to do more than one outlet... it'll be super convenient). Installing it can have some challenges (as you'll hear about), so double check over all the instructions on how to install.

They reference a video to watch and even they provide you some marretts to make the connections easier than getting those copper wires over the posts.
(note, the model they show in the video has the posts, the one I got had it fully enclosed with wire leads coming out of the box for you to connect with marretts)

Once installed, it's nice to not have to worry about what cubes you have, or what not... they can be the travelling companions (or that 6 port charger). And it makes the wall look much cleaner with just the cables and not blocks and cables.

Definitely thinking about replacing more in my house now that i have one.

Okay, now on with my story.

I have a slightly older house (built in about the 60s) and it's a maze of wires and older fixtures here and there.

So, to install it Ihad to turn off the breaker... simple enough, except whoever built the house has had the infinite wisdom to change just about every outlet on a different circuit. Something I only found out about after I thought it was off and trying to remove the wires. Feeling a bit of a thrum in my fingers. Yay... almost electrocuted.

Then in my hurry to find the right switch I nearly gave myself a concussion on the fuse box.

Then getting it all finished it turns out that the outlet metal box I have is slightly too small for the unit... so I had to go and remove that, enlarge the opening. The joys of older homes. Yay,

Just goes to show you that making things simpler can have some work attached to it.

In the end, this is still worth it. It's got me to learn a bit more about the proper labelling on my fuse panel, to make sure I've double checked potentially dangerous things,

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