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Aspect of the | April 17, 2014

NEWGUARD KX Case and Screen Armor Review for the iPhone 5/5S

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Note: Newer Technology provided the NUGUARD KX review case and NUGUARD KXs screen protector free of charge in exchange for a review.

I've been lucky enough to review quite a few cases over the years, and it's always somewhat concerning to my wife how excited I get when a case comes in for review. One the surface it might seem silly to get all worked up over a simple case, but think about that for a second. A case is purchased to protect and personalize one of the most expensive items we carry on our person almost all the time. Often, we touch the case more than the phone itself, and if you plan to flip your phone and sell it used, a case can actually be an investment. Phones that are mint are fewer and harder to find the longer a phone has been out and if you can find a case that is both pleasing to your hand and offers superior drop and impact protection will actually save you money when it comes time to sell your used phone.

Having said how important it is to invest in a good case, there are people out there that don't want to spend more than a couple of dollars on their cases. These are the same people that run around with cracked screens and battered phones.

First things first, if this is too long to read, here's my summation of the NUGUARD KX case. It rocks. It feels terrific in my hand and that’s very important. This is quite possibly the best-feeling case that I’ve ever had on any of my phones. The case has a soft-touch rubber texture that is not only grippy, but also has a premium feel to it. The NUGUARD KX also has a textured cross-hatch on the back that helps with the grip on the phone.

The case also protects your phone from drops and impacts. There is a gel inside the case that helps absorb and protect your phone, and directs energy from the fall away from the phone. New Technology also claims this case conforms to military specs. All I know is I’ve been extremely pleased with not only the quality of the case, but also the looks of the case. It’s pretty sharp looking.
NuGuard KX
Many people don’t like having to sacrifice thickness for protection. There are other cases out there that offer great protection from falls, but it’s an act of Congress to get the phone out of the case. Or there’s three different layers to take off, and locking tabs that break if you take the phone out too much. The NUGUARD KX case is one-piece and slips on and off the phone in seconds. The fit and quality of the case is excellent. I didn’t feel like I was damaging the case at all while I was putting the case on or off, nor was there any play between the phone and the case once it was installed. The Lightning Port and side switches are easy to access. The NUGUARD KX case doesn’t muffle the speakers of the iPhone 5 at all, and adjusting volume and turning the iPhone 5 on and off was effortless straight out of the box. There wasn’t any stiffness to overcome. The NUGUARD KX also has an important feature, the front of the case has a lip on it. This allows you to place the iPhone face-down on a table and the KX will protect the glass from being damaged or scratched by whatever you set the phone down on.
NuGuard KX
Speaking of the glass, I was also provided a NUGUARD KXs screen protector. The case was made specifically for the screen protector so the two went together very easily. They complement each other very nicely. The screen protector doesn’t just protect against scratches, it has a protection and absorption layer in addition to an adhesive layer, offering three layers of protection. There’s video out there of the NUGUARD KXs screen protector taking a hammer to the face and living to talk about the tale. Amazing stuff. Installation was easy and the provided tools and directions were excellent. However, I managed to mess up the installation and when I put the case on the iPhone, the edge of the screen protector squished up against the case where I didn’t line up the screen protector accurately. I was able to pull the NUGUARD KXs up and reinstall it where it fit perfectly. Thankfully, you wouldn’t even be able to notice I messed up the installation. Testament to how well the NUGUARD KXs screen armor is built.

As a combination, the case and the screen armor of the NUGUARD KX series makes an excellent way to protect your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. They are an affordable way to ensure your iPhone stays in tip-top shape, not to mention the peace of mind you will have knowing your precious device is in good hands.

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