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appleJAC | August 10, 2012

NuGuard Keyboard Cover: MBP Retina Protection

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My new MacBook Pro with 15" Retina display deserves the same protection I've provided my previous laptops, particularly when traveling. For many years, I've invested in items which would shield my treasured MBPs from bumps, spills and accidents of many types.

Newer Technology has just released their newest NuGard Silicone Keyboard Covers (in black for the retina MBP, four colors for others) specifically for my latest investment. I am pleased to say that it adds both personal style and protection to my MacBook Pro Retina Display. It features a silky smooth surface texture for the fastest touch typing possible, while protecting against food and drink spills, hair and dust clogging, and key wear.

What is even better, it's easy to clean . . . just remove from the keyboard, rinse underwater, and dry. The NuGuard Keyboard Cover is simply one of the most effective ways to protect my Mac investment. It feels good, and protects well, but the black color of mine, which has excellent white lettering, is also opaque to light, which masks the backlit keys (this is a problem in dark environments).

This keyboard cover is very well made, with slightly raised ribbed outlines behind each key to keep the surface stable, non-skid and clean. It is immediately available from Other World Computing for $17.49 (not $19.99 which the ad shows) by going to This is yet another fine product from OWC, who I've relied on for years.

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