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AppleJAC | August 4, 2015

Lightning-to-USB Cable: Durable High Quality Connection

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Lightning-to-USB Cable: Durable High-Quality Connection

review by Tom Piper

Cables, cords, wires, plugs . . . a proverbial tangled nest of white and black connections for power, syncing and data conveyance. The one thing they all have in common is a rather fragile plastic sheathing that is susceptible to catastrophic wear and tear.

Other World Computing (OWC) has a better solution with its 1.0 Meter (39") NewerTech Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable. Mine is a delightful Blue (also available in White, Red, Yellow, Green and Black) constructed for premium quality and durability. This one is built tough to last for life's challenging travels. This NewerTech Lighting cable is perfect to charge and sync any Lightning port equipped iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

With its heavy-gauge conductors, high-quality connectors, and a nylon-braided jacket, this design ensures top performance, durability, and a long life. It's "right size" connector design provides case-friendly ease-of-use so I don't have to fuss with removing my device's case when charging. A cable of this quality deserves to come backed with a great warranty, and it gets precisely that with a whopping Five-Year NewerTech Product Limited Warranty.

My blue cable matches my 18000 mAh portable power supply, so it gets knocked around quite a bit. I plan to get another for my car, and another for my desktop (probably in different colors). This truly is one great cable that will last a long time.

With it's affordable price of only $16.79, you can pick up a few cables for use when you're at work, at play, or on the road. With various sizes available (20” to 118”), you can get a Lightning cable that's the right length for you at This is one of many fine products from OWC.

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