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BagLadyReviews | October 29, 2013

This case WILL save your iPhone!

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NuGuard KX
I originally got this case for myself, put my new iPhone 5 in it and thought my iPhone was well protected. This case is very affordable, slim, feels good in hand, and does not obstruct any of the ports. I watched the "drop test" on the manufacturer's website, however, I chose not to test it with my own iPhone. However, when a friend purchased a new iPhone 5s last month, I immediately gave him my NuGuard KX case. He had dropped and broken his iPhone 4 over 3 times. He had not dropped it onto concrete, but rather a padded gym floor. And each time, no matter what case he had on his iPhone 4, the screen had shattered and the phone never really worked correctly afterwards. He had the first phone replaced, and the next one repaired. By the third time, he just lived with the shattered screen and a partially working phone.

When he received his new iPhone 5s, my friend immediately put the NuGuard KX case on it. Now, a month later, he has actually dropped his new iPhone already twice!!

But Wait... both times after dropping it on the same gym floor and once outside, the iPhone completely survived the drop, not a scratch on the screen, and it continues to work perfectly!!!

This case really does protect your iPhone!!!!!!!!

I am getting another NuGuard KX case - this time for myself!!!

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