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BCC Hardware | December 18, 2012

Review: Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

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Review – Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves Introduction: Today we are taking a quick look at a pair of gloves from Newer Technology and are going to give you a few reasons as to why you absolutely need these if you live anywhere gloves are required at any time of year. These gloves are designed to work with touch-screens and have conductive fibers woven into all 10 fingers so that you can use your phone, tablet or any other touchscreen device easily without freezing your hands. These gloves come in small, medium, large and x-large so there should be a size that fits every hand. Make sure you check these out as we go along.

NuTouch Gloves Package
I've given a couple pairs of gloves like these away over last year or so, but I've never honestly tried them. These come in a decent package with enough information to satisfy all your questions. However, if you really need to read the package on a pair of gloves... well, you're pretty uptight and probably need to eat more fiber.
NuTouch Gloves
NuTouch Gloves
What Newer Technology Says: The cold-weather solution for using touch screen devices outdoors. NuTouch Gloves are the stylish and functional solution to keep your hands warm while using an iPhone, iPad or other touch screen device in cold weather. They're perfect when waiting for the bus, commuting on the train, attending outdoor events, running errands, and more. A special conductive fiber woven into all 10 fingertips allows you to tap, swipe, and scroll on all touch screen devices—even type on full-size touch screen keyboards. Made from a soft cotton mix, NuTouch Gloves offer maximum comfort and flexibility without diminishing your ability to hold and use your device. The classic charcoal color complements any attire from casual to professional. Wear them by themselves, or as liners with heavier cold weather gloves.
NuTouch Gloves
Works with any touch screen surface including: iPhone and other smartphones iPad and laptop touchpads iPod, iPod touch and other digital music players Personal gaming systems GPSs eBook readers ATMs and many others! Specifications: Color: charcoal Glove material is comprised of 52% Cotton, 24% Rayon, 14% Conductive Fiber, 10% Spandex Hand washing and line drying is recommended That's right. There are "specifications" on these gloves. General Usage: These gloves just plain rock. While they aren't warm enough for full on winter use here in Canada, they do provide a lot more comfort that bare-handing your smartphone when you are standing waiting for the bus with your kids. They work exceptionally well - much better than I thought they would. I figured that the gloves would make my fingers "fatter" and that I would probably press buttons next to the one that I wanted to press. In reality, they don't at all and accuracy is the same with these gloves as without.
NuTouch Gloves with iDevice
I recommend picking up a pair of these for that special geek in your life that you want to keep in contact with - and don't want them to freeze their hands. There is nothing bad to say about these at all. For the price of $9.00 you can't go wrong and they would make a great stocking stuffer.

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