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Beatweek Magazine | December 4, 2012

Review: NewerTech NuStand Alloy Display Stand for Apple TV

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NewerTech says that the Apple TV looks silly just sitting there on your television stand, and offers a simple vertical stand as an alternative. And here all this time I thought my Apple TV looked just fine sitting flat, all by itself, looking like an overgrown black drink coaster. Hmm, maybe they're right. So I decided to test out their NuStand Alloy.

The stand is a lightweight black metal arch with a rubber padded slot in the middle. Setup took literally a second or two, as you simply slide your Apple TV into the slot. There's a red and white NewerTech logo on the tip of the stand, but because it's fully symmetrical, you can choose to position the logo on the rear of the stand where no one can see it if you prefer.

By default the Apple TV sits fully upright in the stand with its ports on the back. On a whim I rotates my Apple TV forty-five degrees and reinserted it diagonally, just because I thought it looked cool that way, and it worked just as well, although in this instance it blocked access to the audio and ethernet ports, which I'm not using anyway. To be clear, all four ports are fully accessible when you position the Apple TV fully upright as intended.

It's worth noting that despite being a vertical stand, the NuStand Alloy isn't designed to save any space. It takes up about as much space left to right as my Apple TV did when it was just sitting there, and of course it takes up more vertical space. But this isn't about saving space. It's about taking the square-hockey-puck known as Apple TV and making it look like it's on your television stand on purpose.

In the end it's the black metal look of the NuStand that sold me, as it matches stylistically with my Apple TV and also with the black frame of my television above it. As is always the case, your mileage may vary when it comes to style points.

Two items of note: this is for the current smaller Apple TV, not the sandwich tin-sized model of years past. And although I didn't test it, NewerTech offers a similar stand for the Mac mini.

Price: $15 •

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