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Big Bruin | December 11, 2012

Review: NewerTech NuTouch Gloves

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Review – NewerTech NuTouch Gloves

This morning I went out to let my vehicle warm up since the temperature was down around 10F. After clearing the windows of ice, I sat in it to let it finish warming up. With it being cold, I had gloves on and normally I wouldn't be able to use my phone, tablet or any touch screen enabled device to pass the time. Today was different - I was wearing NewerTech's NuTouch gloves.

NuTouch Gloves with iPhone

The NewerTech NuTouch gloves have a conductive fiber that is woven into all ten fingertips. This allows your hands to stay warm like a typical glove, while still allowing you to use a touchscreen device. They are made with a blend of materials that is intended to allow them to be soft, comfortable and stretch a little. Before taking a look at these high tech gloves, let's look at some information on them from OtherWorld Computing's website for the NuTouch Gloves.


NuTouch Gloves are the stylish and functional solution to keep your hands warm while using an iPhone, iPad or other touch screen device in cold weather. They're perfect when waiting for the bus, commuting on the train, attending outdoor events, running errands, and more.

A special conductive fiber woven into all 10 fingertips allows you to tap, swipe, and scroll on all touch screen devices—even type on full-size touch screen keyboards.

Made from a soft cotton mix, NuTouch Gloves offer maximum comfort and flexibility without diminishing your ability to hold and use your device. The classic charcoal color complements any attire from casual to professional. Wear them by themselves, or as liners with heavier cold weather gloves.

Works with any touch screen surface including:
» iPhone and other smartphones
» iPad and laptop touchpads
» iPod, iPod touch and other digital music players
» Personal gaming systems
» GPSs
» eBook readers
» ATMs
» and many others!

» Color: charcoal
» Glove material is comprised of 52% Cotton, 24% Rayon, 14% Conductive Fiber, 10% Spandex
» Hand washing and line drying is recommended
» Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

The Basics:

Packed in a simple cardboard box, everything the consumer needs to know is clearly presented. The front of the package gives a quick glimpse at what these are for, while the back goes into detail and gives a simple measurement chart to help the consumer pick out the right size.

NuTouch Gloves in Packaging

These gloves are a simple charcoal color, and there really isn't much to them. The color allows them to look good with virtually any outfit, whether it be casual or business attire.

NuTouch Gloves

The fingertips are where the "magic" happens. Each of the ten fingertips has a special conductive fiber woven in that allows your gloved finger to interact with a touchscreen as if it were your natural skin. Each fingertip is a darker color, bordering on black. I like this as it lets you know where the conductive fiber is, while not affecting the look of the gloves.

In Use:

With the gloves on, it was time to try them on several touchscreen devices. They worked on several devices including an ASUS Transformer TF101, Apple iPad 3, Motorola Droid 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, and at an ATM. You don't have to press any harder to use the devices than you normally would. Everything works exactly as it does if you didn't have the gloves on.

NuTouch Gloves with iDevice

The biggest question is how do they feel. They are soft and stretch to fit snug, they feel like every other cotton based glove. The conductive fiber doesn't feel any different from the rest of the glove.

One thing I noticed was that even though the gloves fit, they were still a little too small for my hand. I was able to see my skin when the gloves were on. I had a friend with smaller hands try them on, and they fit much better. We agreed that the NuTouch Gloves offer a little protection from the cold. However, I wouldn't want to wear them for extended exposure in sub-zero temperatures, especially if it was windy. They do fit snug, so they could be worn under a heavier pair of gloves when outside for a long period, or perhaps when scraping the ice off of car windows.


It might seem to be a minor inconvenience to not be able to use a device while waiting for the vehicle to warm up. Take a minute and think about waiting for a bus, standing in line for an event, or spending any time outside when it's cold. The NewerTech NuTouch Gloves can help to stay comfortable in the cold weather and still allow you to answer that important text, phone call ,or use any other function on your device.

Having the conductive fiber woven into all ten fingertips allows you to use any finger on the device, or do multi-touch activities. If you are the type of person that needs to use your device anywhere you are, these gloves will allow you to do so and to keep warm. While they aren't exactly made for extreme cold weather, they are better than going without anything on your hands.

NuTouch Gloves

When purchasing these, if your hands are close to the next size, I would highly recommend purchasing the larger size to keep them from being stretched too thin. It would be nice if the gloves were a little heavier to provide more protection from the cold.

The NewerTech NuTouch Gloves can be found at Other World Computing, where they normally cost $19.99, but at the time this review was published there is a Holiday Sale making them $9!

As the weather gets colder, these type of gloves can be extremely helpful. Taking into considering their low cost, and what they can do they receive the "Recommended" award. Furthermore, as they are forward thinking and are something that is becoming more needed in a tech dependent society, the NewerTech NuTouch gloves also receive the "Great Idea" award.

» Provides some protection from cold
» Allows use of touchscreen devices when worn
» Unisex

» Could be slightly heavier duty
» Could use more colors

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