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Cerebral-Overload | January 23, 2015

Hands On: NuGreen LED Desktop Lamp by NewerTech

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Are you in the market for a new lamp for your desktop. Do you want something that is both functional and stylish. Are you looking for a way to make less of an impact on the planet. Take a look at the NuGreen LED Desktop Lamp by NewerTech. Want to know more? Then follow along while we see how it looks and works. The NuGreen Lamp is made from aluminium and features 50 energy-efficient LED bulbs. The base is weighted to keep the Lamp from toppling over when you adjust the neck. The neck adjust 360 degrees to shine light where ever you need it.
NuGreen Lamp
The wall outlet for the NuGreen lamp features a built-in power inverter like most products, only the NuGreen inverter is small and will not take up more than one space on your wall or power outlet like some other devices would. this also makes for an easy way to hide your wiring if you prefer a neat desktop or work area. All the surfaces are rounded and give the NuGreen lamp both an esthetically pleasing look ans well as taking up less space on your desk. Also, the large base works good for setting a pen holder or even your business card holder on.
NuGreen Plug
To turn the lamp on, there is a touch sensitive metal ring around the base of the lamp. This adds to the look of the as there are no ugly switches sticking out from the lamp. When the light is turned off, there is a Red LED ring that glows near the base.

Once turned on, the NuGreen Lamp will light up your workspace very easily. The 50 LED bulbs only use 3.6 watts of power but give you plenty of light. These LED bulbs will also last up too 45,000 hours, far longer that an incandescent bulb. As you can see in the pictures, the difference from overhead light, to overhead light with NuGreen Lamp on.
NuGreen Lamp Test
The NuGreen lamp is also great as you can touch it and will not get burned like traditional bulbs as the LED Lights do not produce heat. Not only is this saving you energy, but saves you from having someone in your office, or yourself accidentally bumping the light and getting injured.
NuGreen Lamp 4.75 Stars
NewerTech offers a 1 year warranty on the NuGreen LED Desktop Lamp for piece of mind during that first year of use.

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