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Chicago Tribune, Travel Section | April 22, 2014

Big-time backup drive

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NewerTech miniStack MAX
Name: Newer Technology miniStack MAX, 4TB

What it is: an aluminum-encased portable external hard drive with 64MB cache memory that offers multiple interfaces for PC or Mac and includes a built-in DVD/CD burner/reader, an SD card reader, three USB ports (for charging or interacting with other devices) along with Firewire 800 and Firewire 400 connections. The device is the same size as an Apple Mac mini hard drive (7.7 inches wide and long, 2.33 inches high and weighing 2.25 pounds).

The good: This drive is a lifesaver for photo nuts. When my iMac's 500GB drive didn't have enough space for all my photos and videos a couple of years ago, I began looking for a better backup. Though I usually leave the miniStack MAX at home, at 2.25 pounds, it's light enough to pack for longer trips. But the best thing about the drive is that it features a CD/DVD player/burner and an SD card reader that makes it easy to upload photos. When the DVD drive on my 2008 iMac stopped working recently, the miniStack gave me the ability to still watch DVDs on my computer. And its 4TB of storage is eight times more room than iMac ever offered.

The bad: It's more expensive than some drives that have less storage space, but it's worth the investment given its capacity, Firewire connections, DVD reader/burner and SD card slot.

Cost: $449 list, but check for sales

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