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ComputorEdge | February 15, 2013

Review: 11 Piece Toolkit

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Do you love a computer lover? Someone who is constantly popping the case on every tech gizmo lying around the house or office? Then hurry on up and get him or her the NewerTech 11-Piece Portable Toolkit, the perfect collection of tools for the weekend tinkerer or seasoned pro.

Included in the kit is just about every small tool necessary to open and service most laptops, desktops, and other small electronics. And all of the screwdrivers are the ones I like best: the magnetic kind with the super-tough tips that have the little red rotator at the end so you can easily turn the screwdriver while pushing against it with the palm of your hand.

The kit also includes a pair of (as the specs describe them) "non-marring destructible Nylon pry tools (a.k.a. spudgers) for opening iPods and other difficult-to-open but easy-to-scratch items."


All the tools are housed in a rugged, zippered nylon case with a padded interior that keeps everything together right where you need them when you go looking. It also shows people that this is someone who knows what they're doing (whether they do or not!).

For the price, for the collection, and for the quality you cannot go wrong with this little kit!

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