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Cook Scrap Craft | July 23, 2014

NewerTech NuGuard KX Phone Case - Review

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NewerTech NuGuard KX Phone Case - Review

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the NuGuard KXs screen protector. I also got to test out the NuGuard KX Phone Case!

The picture below shows my old iPhone case (in pink) next to the KX case (red and black). Can you see a difference? Uh, YEAH.
Cook Scrap Craft NuGuard KX case
The KX case offers extreme protection for your phone. It's sort of padded on the inside, but it's hard and sort of textured on the outside. It uses X-Orbing gel technology to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. I can attest to this because I did accidentally drop my phone on our hardwood floors, and everything was a-okay!

The case may look bigger than my old one, but it's actually not very bulky and it's super lightweight. I also like that it doesn't just cover the sides, but it also comes up over the top edges of the phone for a snug and secure fit.
Cook Scrap Craft case with iPhone
The case also covers the power and volume buttons, but it doesn't prohibit you from using them. I actually think it's easier to press the buttons through this case! It's also easy to remove your phone from the case, if you need to, which is something I can NOT say about my old phone case. That thing was such a pain. I'm so glad to have my phone protected in the KX case. Every time I look at my phone now, I think it looks brand new!

This is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S. It's also available in a variety of colors, so you still get some customization! You can find out more information on the phone case at the NewerTech website.

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