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Craft Gossip | April 30, 2015

Product Review: NUGreen Energy Efficient LED Desk Lamp

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NuGreen LED Desk Lamp
Like most crafters I need good lighting when I'm stamping and crafting. I have a simple goose neck desk lamp from the office supply store but with a regular bulb it wasn't giving me very good lighting so I went out and bought an expensive light bulb specifically made for sewing and crafting. That has been giving me better lighting but I was excited to get an opportunity to try out a brand new lamp that gives you great lighting to craft by.

This lamp is the NUGreen Energy Efficient Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp from NewerTech. And I have to say after using it while making several projects I'm very happy with the results! It gives soft white, natural looking light. The lamp has 50 small LED bulbs that don't get hot, it only uses 3.6 watts of power so it's more environmentally friendly and energy efficient and who doesn't love that? The LED bulbs will last up to 45,000 hours of use and can be recycled. The lamp itself has a flexible neck and a finger tip touch to turn it on and off.

I wanted to compare this lamp to a regular light bulb and to my expensive crafting bulb so I took pictures of all 3. I can certainly tell a difference, the regular bulb gives a very dark yellowish light, the crafting bulb is white and gives better light but the NUGreen Desk Lamp was even better, the light was more natural, brighter and whiter. I hope you can see the difference in my photos. All photos were taken from the same distance and angle and I made no adjustments to the photos.
Regular Lamp
Crafting Lamp
NuGreen Lamp
Here are some photos of the lamp itself above my messy work desk.
If you're looking for better light to craft by I really recommend the NUGreen Desk Lamp, click here for more info from NewerTech with links to where you can purchase one for yourself.

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