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David Susilo Uncensored | December 21, 2014

NuGuard KX Phone and Screen Protector By Newer Technology, Inc.

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NuGuard KX case
Since 1992, I've been using various mobile phones from various brands such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, and iPhone. In every instance, I always buy the best case I can afford to protect the phones from being accidentally scuffed or damaged. In the beginning, most of these protectors were made of leather. When not available, the alternative was the user-changeable face and/or back plates. Then came Nokia silicone case which aptly yet sadly dubbed as "Cellphone Condom". Since then, various companies races on to build both cosmetic-purpose cases such as Incipio and D-Tech, and protection-purpose cases such as Roots and Otterbox.

As for cosmetic-purpose cases, they are subjectively pretty and tend to be on the thin side whereas the protection-purpose cases are horribly thick and industrial looking. In most cases, these cases even hampers the typing capability of any given phone. Last but not least, they are relatively expensive. Having an iPhone 5s on a 2-year contract for $30 and paying $70 on a protective case and another $50 for a screen protector is not something I can classify as logical… oh and I almost forget…these cases tend to have next-to-impossible access to the ports.

Enter NewerTECH's NuGuard KX with their Kinetic Energy X-Orbing protective case which provides security and style - not bulk
NuGuard KX case front and back
Unlike common military-impact test grade iPhone case materials, the NuGuard KX uses state-of-the-art X-Orbing gel technology to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy, protecting your iPad from accidental drops or scratching. This Hyper-Advanced gel is then engineered into a hard outer shell with a soft interior, bonded together into a stylish one-piece design.

Its Edge Guard over-molding provides enhanced iPhone screen edge protection without interfering edge-to-edge touch finger accessibility to ensure hassle-free touch keyboarding and ability to drag and organize app icons from screen to screen.

With its precision cutouts, the NuGuard KX allows for full access to all of my iPhone 5S ports and buttons. The KX installation and removal of my iPhone is also easy, taking only seconds, much faster than any other brands I've ever tested all my 20 years of using mobile phones. Best of all, the price is only $22.50 !!!
NuGuard KX case hero
But how about the screen protection? ALL screen protectors I've tested thus far are never of optical-quality. In the odd occasions that they are, they only protect against scratches but not impact. Well, NuGuard KXs Screen Armor for screen protection with KX technology is the answer. The clarity of this screen armour is as clear as Gorilla Glass but can withstand impact dramatically better and priced dramatically more affordable at $9.75. Once you touched the screen armour, you can immediately feel the gel-like property of NuGuard KXs. Mind you it is not spongy at all, but it has enough "play" to withstand impact.

Unscientifically, I flung my iPhone up about 18 feet up in the air and when the phone landed face down on my gravel porch, not only the phone and screen survived without a scratch, the case and the screen armours are too!

I have been impressed by phone cases before but not once I've been EXCITED about any of them. This is literally the first time I've been impressed and excited about a phone case and its screen protector…and their price too! I'm so excited, I'm ordering more of these NuGuard KX products to replace ALL of my protection-purposes cases at home.

note: I purchased my NewerTECH NuGuard KX case and protector from Other World Computing. I am NOT affiliated and NOT sponsored and/or paid by any party that may financially benefitted from this endorsement.
iPhone with NuGuard KX case

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