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Daily Candid News | February 26, 2015

Built To Survive Life: NuGuard KX Case For iPhone

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NuGuard KX Case
Let's hope your phone never has to survive a 131′ drop (especially if it's in your pocket at the time), but isn't it nice to know that your new Newer Tech NuGuard KX case is guaranteed to protect your phone after such a disastrous fall? The day-to-day bumps and drops are nothing to this nearly indestructible case. How does it do it? By using something called state-of-the-art X-Orbing Gel Technology which absorbs and evenly distributes energy. Amazingly, it does all this while still being relatively slim. (It's a tight squeeze but I still could fit it in my back jeans pocket.)

Put this baby on your phone and you'll never have to worry about bending or damaging your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, 4, 4S, 5, 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4.

It's got other features we like as well, such as a 1 piece design for fast installation; secure grip with enhanced grip texture; hard shell with soft interior for extra protection; and it's only $29-$39.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Midnight, with new iPhone 5S styles: Stars & Stripes, Retro Rain and 'Zen Blossom' Price: $29-$39 at NewerTech.

And since we weren't about to test the company's claims with our precious iPhone 6, we included come of the Newer Tech voyeuristic videos . Enjoy.

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