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Don' | December 17, 2012

Geeky Gadget Review: NuTouch Gloves

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NuTouch Gloves

Here we are geeks, that time of year once more where we have to decide if we pull our handy touchscreen devices out or keep our hands warm. As far as they've come, touchscreens still have their Kryptonite, gloves. We all know that in order to recognize the touches, the device must conduct the electric impulses between flesh and screen. Winter really sucks for geeks as we either have to have frozen nubs or we ignore that expensive bauble in our pockets.

Manufacturers have started making gloves with conductive wires inside the index fingers of gloves but what good does metal do in keeping fingers warm? Plus we usually use more than the single finger to swipe, pinch and zoom. Being a frustrated fellow, our friends over at Newer Technology sent me over a pair of their NuTouch Gloves.

What makes NuTouch Gloves so special? First off, they use a conductive fiber inside the tips of the gloves. Tips as in plural. Every single digit has the fiber woven into them so we can stop being animals and use all of our fingers on Angry Birds. The gloves are built to stretch so geeks of all hand sizes can feel comfortable using them. With all that in mind, do they work? Hit the break geeks to find out!


Fit, how do they feel? Rather well actually. The material, a blend of cotton\rayon\spandex, does an admirable job of stretching to fit but also conforming to your hamhocks. I initially was worried that the woven conductive fiber would be done up in such a way that the fingertips would feel unnatural. Happily I can report that they do not do such a thing. The gloves fit so well that I'm using them to belt out this review. No bulky fingers means easy typing and even easier use of touchscreens!

One downside I have noticed is that due to the stretchable nature of the gloves, I don't always feel the warmest when using them. Maybe a bigger size would have been more in line with what I needed. You still keep plenty warm when using your phone though.

Using the gloves felt as natural as ungloved. Not once did I notice any stutter or pause in function. My Note simply must have thought it was my silky smooth skin directing it. Again, with the precise fit I wasn't hitting the wrong app or typing out the wrong text with them. Every game I played responded just as if it was my bare fingers and I stayed much warmer.

Don't settle for bulky gloves or those crappy ones that only let you use your index finger, grab yourselves a pair of NuTouch gloves here. They run $9 for the holidays and come in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Many thanks to NewerTech for the review gloves!

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