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ECG Productions | March 17, 2014


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If you have an iPad Air, the last thing you want is a super thick case to add bulk to its slim, stylish design. Sure, it'll protect your gadget but it also defeats the purpose of having one of the thinnest and lightest portable devices on the market. Of course, protection is still the number one priority, but instead of having a bulky case that can double the size, why not shelter your precious/expensive iPad Air with a case that keeps the slender profile without sacrificing an ounce of impact resistant toughness.
NuGuard KX for iPad Air
Enter the NewerTech NuGuard KX Case for iPad Air. A thin and lightweight yet functional case made with advanced "X-Orbing" gel technology. This cutting-edge (and U.S.A. made!) gel absorbs and evenly distributes kinetic energy generated by impacts. The KX's one-piece design makes for a quick and effortless install and provides an over-molding edge guard for added screen edge protection against accidental hits and drops.
NuGuard KX for iPad Air ports
Here at ECG Productions, the KX case is constantly being used on set, specifically for protecting our iPads when we use them as slates. We decided a few years back to forgo the Expo-marker-and-physical-slate setup in favor of running the MovieSlate app on an iPad when we're recording two-system sound. It saves time (and markers) and the ability to export camera logs is a nice perk.
NuGuard KX for iPad Air
On a hot set, there's always a very real concern that the iPad will be dropped. One of the most important selling points for us was the fact that the KX case is military drop-test certified (sounds serious, right?). We have dropped our iPads multiple times (see the video below for proof), and while dropping an expensive device isn't for the faint of heart, trust us, it can be done with confidence when you have your iPad in the NuGuard KX.
NuGuard KX for iPad Air
We've been through many cases throughout the years to find that perfect fit and this one is definitely a staff favorite. The ports and buttons are easily accessible, with a crosshatch texture design on the backside for added grip. The streamlined form factor is pleasing to the eye while providing top-notch impact and scratch protection. If that's not enough to persuade you, the KX case also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you drop your iPad (or are worried that you might) and want to insure its safety, the NuGuard KX for iPad Air is a great buy that won't let you down. Be sure to check back often for more gear reviews, here at The NuGuard KX case is available for order from Other World Computing at

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