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ECN | May 28, 2014

iPhone case military drop-tested and editor-approved

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Note: NewerTech sent me a NuGuard KX case and screen armor for this review

Like most people, I can be a tad ... careless with my baby, aka, my iPhone 4S, but I can't imagine life without it. Amazing that I grew up without the newfangled idea of portable phones....

So finding suitable protection for what can only be described as my lifeblood is a top priority. I'm not crazy about "candy shell" - i.e., hard plastic - cases, because the suckers have a bad habit of shattering on impact.

So I usually prefer rubberized cases or similar types of material. A short while ago, NewerTech sent me a copy of their "NuGuard KX" case - the "KX" being shorthand for 'kinetic energy x-orbing', a fancy way of saying it protects your phone from impact - and I've been using it ever since.

The company claims the NuGuard KX offers "X-treme protection against accidental drops, impacts and scratches without sacrificing looks or adding bulk", and it's military drop-tested to MIL-STD-810G U.S. And while I'd never intentionally "torture test" the case with my own iPhone, I did test it with an old, non-working model. I dropped the phone from a height of about five feet, and the device walked away without a scratch.

And at one point, I did accidentally drop my operational iPhone, and the device remained unscathed (Thanks, NuGuard!).

At $29, the NuGuard KX is a steal, especially compared to the absurd offerings from Otterbox and LifeBlood. I'd highly recommend it.

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