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NuGuard KX iPhone case passes 200 foot drop test

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The NuGuard KX offers strong drop protection without a lot of bulk. OWC describes it as hyper advanced x-orbing gel to buffer the iPhone. Tests have been made from the top of a wind generator on to the ground and up to 20-foot drop on concrete. It also offers a lifetime warranty.

Newer Technology created quite a stir when it first unveiled its NuGuard KX case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The NuGuard KX was so well received at the world's largest consumer electronics show, it was among the products recognized by Beatweek Magazine as Best of Show.

What makes this new innovative case stand out is its remarkable ability to protect an iPhone from damage or scratches from the common occurrence of accidental drops. This ability to protect an iPhone from damage has the potential to save consumers a considerable amount of money for repairs or worse yet, purchase a replacement.

Even before CES officially opened, word got out about an iPhone case that sustained no damage onto concrete after dropping the device from 20 feet. While this notion was impressive in itself, I later discovered that further testing revealed something even more remarkable - a NuGuard KX dropped from 200 feet and again, no evidence was apparent of damage or scratches on the touchscreen was apparent. Moreover, it didn't matter how the case landed, whether it was the back or front.

From initial impressions, this state of the art case doesn't look much different from the multitude of other slim iPhone cases on the market. But after learning more about the advanced impact technology and a chance to view the video of a military grade impact test, I ended up being a true believer.

The one piece NuGuard KX is made of a durable yet flexible material known as Kinetic Energy X-Orbing gel, designed to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy away from an iPhone. It's also extremely lightweight and can be easily wrapped around an iPhone in mere seconds. It's also not bulky like some other military-grade cases, which often takes a bit of patience to wrap or unwrap around an iPhone. The NuGuard KX also allows for easy access to all iPhone ports and buttons, unlike bulky cases. The NuGuard KX is offered in a variety of stylish colors, comes with a lifetime warranty and retails for $49.95 for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S, although both models are currently available from Other World Computing, its parent company, for just $35.

Developers of this technologically advanced case experimented with other commonly used smart phone case materials and concluded that its Kinetic Energy X-Orbing gel was vastly superior was five times higher than the military grade test height. Given the evidence, if a cell phone case can be dropped from 200 feet and sustain no damage, it's hard for me to disagree. And from repeated impact tests at the CES and a few weeks later at MacWorld San Francisco, the NuGuard KX more than lived up to the hype.

Illinois-based Newer Technology has had an alliance with Apple that stretches more than 25 years. It is under the ownership of Other World Computing, a leading retailer and manufacturer of Apple related hardware, upgrades and accessories.

For more information on the NuGuard KX or any of Newer Technology's other Apple related products, please go to the official websites of Newer Technology or Other World Computing.

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