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Choose the iPad Cover That Meets Your Travel Needs - iFolio & NuGuard GripStand

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While iPads are proving to be indispensable for those who like to stay connected while on the go, iPad covers designed to prevent scratches aren't exactly optimal when it comes to protecting iPads from the rigors of being jostled about while traveling. Here are some iPad cover options designed to meet the needs of different travelers.

The Executive Traveler
For those who wouldn't dream of entering a meeting donning a backpack, the handcrafted leather Newer Technology iFolio says you mean business. This case zips open with ease to reveal a left compartment with a single document sleeve (7" x 10") for easy insertion and removal of key papers. On the right is a full face frame with a slot-loading design that will hold and protect the iPad securely. Two camera openings are provided, thus enabling use of the iPad's front and rear facing cameras without having to remove the iPad from the iFolio. Thanks to a collapsible leather handle leather and a removable shoulder strap (adjustable from 24" to 42"), the iFolio can be carried a number of ways. The iFolio will fit any full size iPad and comes in a range of colors from pink to black.

The Casual but Connected Traveler
For those who like to use their iPad en route, the Newer Technology NuGuard GripStand is a multipurpose tool that will protect the iPad while allowing for ease of use. A hard plastic black shell with a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner keeps the iPad protected from any unexpected bumps and other travel mishaps. An accompanying desktop stand swivels 360° and can be positioned at virtually any angle for typing, reading, watching movies or playing games. Also, stand can function as a hand grip so one can hold on to the iPad while walking or standing or carry the iPad like a briefcase. The stand can be removed if need to conserve space while traveling. For those times when luggage space is a consideration, just twist the desktop stand to remove it from the case. A nylon strap is included that can mount the iPad to a headrest for easy viewing. Newer Technology NuGuard GripStands come in models that fit the iPad mini, iPad 3 & 4 or the iPad 2.

Adventure Traveler
For those who want to take their iPad with them while sailing, hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities, try the aXtion Pro case for iPad. Snap the iPad into the hard plastic casing and just keep on working. The aXtion Pro was tested to withstand continuous submersion underwater at a depth of 7-feet for up to an hour, as well as passing the military-grade shockproof test. Since this case floats, the iPad will not sink should it get drooped into the water. The heavy-duty screen protector will keep the scratches at bay while a double-coated AR Sharpvue lens allows use of the rear facing camera. Additional accessories enable this case to be mounted and carried in a variety of ways. As expected, this case is a bit bulkier than the other iPad cases and more cumbersome to use. Hence, the aXtion Pro case is best used in situations when one needs to protect the iPad from the elements or in situations where one could drop the iPad. On an added side note, this case is ideal to use when traveling with young children. They can play games or watch a movie on the iPad while the aXtion Pro case keeps the iPad safe from spills and other accidents. This case fits the iPad 4th/3rd/2nd Gen.

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