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Protection worthy of an iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 case
The NuGuard KX snaps on easily to your iPhone and protects it well.

There's nothing worse that covering your brand-new iPhone 6 with a tacky, cheap cover that provides little protection for the beautifully designed phone inside. The NuGuard KX, sold by Other World Computing, is the other side of the coin. Well-designed, good looking and able to provide solid protection for your iPhone.

The KX uses gel technology to absorb impacts before they can damage your phone, but manages to package it in a trim case that's not much bulkier than your phone. It provides good access to all the buttons and ports, and has a nice raised ring around the screen, so you can place the phone down on a flat surface without worry. What I really appreciate is the cross-hatch texturing around the sides of the phone to provide a good grip.

A worthy investment for $29, available in red, black, blue and midnight.

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