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Handy add-on to Apple Keyboard lets you crunch the numbers.

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I have used my Apple Wireless Keyboard for just about everything, most recently as an additional keyboard for the laptop my church uses to show Power Point slides for weekly Mass. It works like a charm, except that the UP and DOWN keys are really tiny. NewerTech's Wireless Aluminum Keypad remedies that with large, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys, as well as a nice ENTER key that makes it easy to use your thumb to advance the Power Point slides. And of course it has those handy single-function number keys that the Apple Keyboard lacks. Made of the same high-quality materials as the Apple product, the NewerTech Keypad also sports the same excellent key-throw and feel.

The NewerTech Keypad connected to my older Bluetooth-enabled HP laptop with no issues (two AAA are supplied), and comes with a plastic bracket that enables you to physically connect the Keypad to your Apple Keyboard. It can also be used by itself and is available with White or Black Keys. A great value for the current price of $47, and it comes with a 1 year warranty.
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