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Fourth of July themes and patriotic designs come to our gadgets

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It's the busiest weekend of the summer and a time to wish a happy birthday to our country. Yes, July 4, is a time to wear your red, white and blue and show off your stars and stripes on your favorite items. It's also a time to take a breather from our busy lives and think about our great country and how we got to this point in our nation's history. If want your favorite gadget or mobile device is part of your Fourth of July holiday, here's how you can show off your pride in America and being "the land of the free and home of the brave."

The Fourth of July is a big day for our nation, but also for On July 4, Audible Studios will release the first ever full audiobook version of Ron Kovic’s, "Born on the Fourth of July" with a foreword written and performed by the one and only Bruce Springsteen. Kovic wrote this book in the 70s, and it was turned into an Academy Award winning film by director Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise in the ‘80s, but this is that famous work in audiobook form. There is no better time than Independence Day to listen The Boss' iconic voice on the foreword and this great work of art.

Lorena Canals is a well known Spanish lifestyle brand, but they honor America with their beautiful USA flag rugs. Lorena Canals’ Rugs are colorful, eco-friendly and well-made. They are easy to maintain as all Lorena Canals’ rugs and cushions are machine washable, hypo-allergenic and fit well in any room. Lorena Canals is already a beloved, household name in Europe, but they have gained attention in North America with stars like Emilie De Ravin, Kim Kardashian, Coco Rocha, Emma Heming Willis and Chrissy Teigen showing off their Lorena Canals rugs. The unique USA Flag Rug in red, dark gray and baby pink is a winner for $200.

Put your little ones in the Fourth of July spirit with a Patriotic SippiGrip for $7.50. Here's your chance to get a grip with this mom-invented accessory for your child's cup, bottle, toy or gadget. The SippiGrip not only prevents your item from slipping out of a hand, it will keep an item from breaking and even getting lost. The Patriotic SippiGrip is one for the ages. The unique gripping material just works and it's washable, durable and nontoxic. It's adjustable in length and will attach to high chairs, strollers, handles and car seats.

Tennis players can show off their stars and stripes with the help of Babolat and their Pure Aero Stars and Stripes frame. Just like the original Pure Aero, but in red, white and blue colors. Swing it fast and this racquet put some bite on the ball. The pro love Babolat and you will get some second looks with this beautiful frame.

Put some American pride on your feet with USA Dawgs. The red, white and blue Loudmouth slides are appropriately called, "Betsy Ross." They are soft and comfortable for those long afternoons at the BBQ. They offer cushioning and arch support with a great All-American look.

Hurry to get some personalized golf balls from Bridgestone Golf. Good on current model B330, e Series, Extra Soft and Lady Precept dozens, even on the optic colors. Imprint colors include red, blue, black and green. Use up to 17 characters per line and make use of up to three lines. This great offer is good through July 4, 2016.

Deck your MacBook out with the NewerTech NuGuard Snap-On American flag laptop cover. How one accessorizes their laptop says a lot about the individual. Putting the American flag on your mac will get some attention and put everyone who sees it in a Fourth of July mood. This is a custom and two-piece hard shell cover that not only looks good, it protects your valuable Mac. It's easy to install and the rubber feet will keep it stable during use. A fantastic deal for $16.75.

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