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Gadget Grrls | October 11, 2012

iFolio is a Stylish iPad Case Holder

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Leather and stylish are not often two words associated with an iPad case holder, but the iFolio is the exception.

I really liked the selection of colors to choose from because anything other than black is a welcome change.

The Brazilian leather is of note because it is soft yet durable. There is a sewn-in hard shell, surrounded by soft padding making this a good looking case.

The iPad slides easily into leather retaining straps and on the left side there are slots for passports, credit cards or notes. The leather strap adjusts from 24 to 72 inches. And, there is a lifetime warranty.

Fujiya Messenger Bag


For a completely different approach to an Macbook Air bag, this Fujiya Messenger Bag is leather-free but feels almost the same as leather. This bag is made from recycled cotton, PVC and bottles.

There is a special slot designated for your iPhone so you won’t have to rustle around trying to find it.

Chase Mobile app


If you do your banking at Chase, you might like the convenience their free mobile app that enables you to deposit a check by taking a photo of the front and back and then uploading it anytime. No more gas going to the bank or waiting for it to open.

I use this all the time and think it’s about time banks found a way to get our money off-hours.

Site to See


All kinds of great life hacks can be found here. I really like the MacGyver challenge and the article about living without time.

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