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Game Usagi | March 14, 2015

NuGuard KXs Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus Review

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Last year we took a look at the NuGuard KXs Screen Protector for iPhone 4/4S and concluded that it was excellent. There were a couple of small quirks, but its look, feel and functionality were second to none. We've had a while now to test the equivalent KXs screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus to see if it continues the series' fine tradition. Does the KXs screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus keep pushing the envelope or just tread water? Read on to find out if this iteration is as impactful as the last.

The thickness compared to a regular screen protector was a bit of a concern the first time we tried out a KXs screen protector. I'm not sure if it's just because the iPhone 6 Plus is larger, but the protector's thickness felt like less of a concern than before. I'm fairly certain they're the same thickness as ever, but if the tech has improved to a point where they have shaved a couple tenths of a millimetre off of the thickness it's certainly appreciated.

When we first bought our office iPhone 6 Plus the only protector solution available was some kind of obscure third party thing that came with a tray and a roller to apply the protector. This application system, while convoluted, ended up being quite excellent but that screen protector's adhesive left bright rainbow streaks all the way up and down the screen to the point where we just couldn't wait to try out the latest KXs to replace it. Thankfully, with the old crappy screen protector removed we were once again able to experience the unparalleled clarity of the KXs.

While there is virtually no visual difference in the lovely Retina image from the iPhone 6 Plus with the KXs applied, we did still experience the familiar problem with the KXs screen protector line of having a moderate level of difficulty getting the sides lined up to the sides of the screen. We previously stated that it was best to go with the "full size" versions of the KXs screen protectors instead of the "case friendly" models unless your phone cases extended quite thoroughly onto the front face of your device, but the latest iPhone 6/Plus versions only come in one size this time and it seems like they're basically all "case friendly" now. So, if you have a very steady hand you should be able to get the screen protector lined up, but if you'd like even a third of a millimetre's leeway on either side of the display area of the screen (like I would prefer) then be warned that the KXs screen protector line is machined with absolute precision and you could end up with a sliver of the display area unprotected on one side or the other if you're not careful. I know that the curved edges of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus present an extra challenge for screen protector manufacturers, but if anyone could solve this problem I think NewerTechnology could. As it stands, the main detractor from the KXs screen protectors for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is that they could use just that extra minuscule amount of width to make them both easy to apply and a joy to use.

I'm also happy to report that our iPhone 6 Plus KXs screen protector didn't feature the slight manufacturing defect that our 4/4S unit did and all of the holes for the camera/speaker, etc. were punched through perfectly and aptly sized. If you're looking for the maximum amount of protection for your new iPhone 6 device's screen with the minimum amount of added bulk, look no further than the KXs line (just don't try to apply it while you're riding a bus or anything).

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