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Gaming Shogun | August 17, 2012

NuGuard iPad GripStand and GripBase Review

NewerTech Media Coverage
Newertech was kind enough to send us a review unit of their GripStand and GripBase peripherals for Apple's iPad tablet. The peripherals are meant to allow users to more easily handle their tablets on the go as well as on the desktop.

The GripStand is a half-shell case for your iPad which features a nice, foam cushioned inner-lining for a scratch-free fit. The GripStand's black plastic shell is rugged and feels like it could stand up to quite an impact. One of the most outstanding features of the GripStand is that it allows the usage of Apple's propriety SmartCover. Many half shell iPad cases do not feature this and it is a shame. The rear side of the GripStand features a ring-like handle which can rotate around to be used for both a hand grip and also a kickstand. The ring is comfortable and allows the iPad to be used in more active conditions. The GripStand would be terrific for field agents who need to work on the move. The GripBase is a desktop base station which allows the iPad to be mounted while at home or the office. The GripBase allows the iPad to be rotated about for a customized viewing angle, is very stable, and is totally compatible with the GripStand, allows the two devices to be a perfect peripheral pair. From an accessibility angle, these peripherals make the iPad much more useful for those with disabilities as well. I myself have recently had an injury to my right shoulder which makes using the iPad very difficult. These items have helped greatly.

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