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GamingShogun | April 5, 2013

Power2U AC/USB Outlet Review

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Tired of wall warts? Does company come over and raise a nose at your power pimples? Well Newer Technology claims to have the answer for you! No more do you have to decide whether or not to plug in your lamp and gaming console or charge your phone. For the ladies, is a curling iron or hair dryer filling your bathroom outlets giving you no charging port for your block-rockin’ beats? You need to look no further than the team at Newer Tech for a new lease on electronic life with their Power2U AC/USB outlet.


All info-jargon joking aside (boo!) what I am talking about is actually what should for all intents and purposes become as commonplace as the three prong outlet in every office and cubicle in the world in a few years. This may been like an exaggeration but sometimes a small thing that seems like a simple idea winds up being the next game changer. This invention should start the ball rolling.

Official Features:

The Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices. Now you can charge and/or power up to four devices at once when using the USB 3.0/2.0 ports and standard three-prong outlets, while eliminating unsightly clutter created by multiple cables and bulky power adapters.


First off, you need to install the outlet, there is easy to follow documentation or an even easier to follow how-to video. Follow these instructions or have a person you trust follow the instructions to get the job done. As the instruction sheet says, permanent injury or death can occur and, as one who is a clutz, clumsy, and otherwise a danger to myself and others, I highly recommend you make sure to choose this person wisely. Once installed, anyone can use it and welcome the future.


When I mentioned “wall warts” or “power pimples” at the beginning of this review, I was referring the various types of USB charging adapters which vary in shapes and sizes. Almost all are ugly and they take up a lot of space – for that matter, some going as far as to block off two outlets worth of space! In offices, cubicles or just home computer rooms this outlet can revolutionize usage. Even in the case that you still need to charge more than two items, the outlets are now available to be used as you see fit. If employers don’t want devices plugged into the computer systems, this is a great solution. It also helps if the office or cubicle has limited outlet space that is already in-use. In the home environment, it may eliminate the need for outlet-splitters or light bars or, in our case, allow phones to be charged while playing on computers and tablets.

Last Call:

The Power2U AC/USB Outlet should, in the future, become a commonplace sight in offices and homes much like the three-prong grounded outlet replaced the two-prong variety. There may be some outlets located in places where it’s not entirely needed but deciding that when the plates become common would be like deciding whether to use three-prongs as opposed to-two: A non-issue. I look forward to extension cords or outlet covers that plug into both the outlets on the plate and add the USB slots and reviewing them when they arrive. This isn’t just “Newer Technology”, this is also the future of technology in the present day. Using this outlet was so effortless and it became a mainstay in my USB power needs – so, we are awarding it our Seal of Excellence. Congrats, Newer Technology!

Rating 5

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