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Geek's Room | June 20, 2013

Review: NuGuard KX

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A few weeks ago we received one of the protectors of Newer Technology, the KX NuGuard iPhone 5, which also offer very good protection, is lightweight and does not add much bulk to your smartphone.

The outer portion of this protector is constructed of a semi-rigid plastic, with a texture that prevents any slipping or sliding surface of hand easily.
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The interior has a soft, flexible material called X-Orbing, which is the most important part of this protector, and absorbs shocks caused by dropping, even on very hard surfaces such as concrete floors.

The interior also has a felt-like fiber where it supports the back of the smartphone, this prevents the rear surface of the iPhone 5 being scratched.
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Fitting and removing the iPhone is very easy. When we installed the terminal is held perfectly as if they were one piece and as well I mentioned at the beginning, does not add much volume to the terminal, making it comfortable hand carry both, as well as in your pocket or of the shirt.

The edges around the screen providing extra protection stick to it.
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The KX NuGuard is certified MIL-STD-810G U.S. (Military Standard) Qantas Laboratories obtained by passing the drop tests.

On Page Newer Technology have several videos I can see several tests, one where they drop the protective iPhone with KX NuGuard from 20 feet high, and nothing happens to the terminal.
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KX NuGuard costs $ 35 and comes in the following colors: Darkness (black), Trooper (white), Midnight (blue), Roulette (red), Buzz (yellow and black), Rose (magenta and black), Eagle Shield (café course) and Nubar Forest (forest green).
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This is a shield that has a balance between protection and style. Normally when the protection is very good, sacrifices in style, adding more volume to the smartphone and in some cases the guards are composed of more than one piece, making it more difficult to place and remove it. The KX NuGuard is different and without losing style offers good protection iPhone 5. Definitely a protector to keep in mind.

Final Rating 9/10

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