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The High Tech Texan | June 20, 2012

Review: Power2U AC/USB Power Outlet

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Review – USB Power Outlet

Here is another item in my "how come I didn't think of this first" category. I often run out of electricity outlets for my gadgets in certain rooms of my home and office. Most portable devices can now be charged via USB. The Power2U wall outlet can provide electricity for standard AC and USB connections.

This outlet replaces a standard outlet and doubles the ability to plug in electrical devices. In addition to the two standard AC sockets this outlet also has two USB ports. So it is possible to plug in and charge up to four things at once.

You don't need to be an electrician to replace your wall outlet with the Power2U outlet but I do recommend following the instructions carefully, including turning off the power to that outlet before installing. It took me just a few minutes to upgrade to one of these outlets and I plan to install many more throughout my home. $29.95 for one (also sold in 10 and 20 packs)


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