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iAppleMania | June 2, 2013

NuGuard KX Newer Technology iPhone 5 Cover Review

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The KX NuGuard cover is made with a new technology developed in the military. Similar to a hard plastic, but at the same time malleable, the product offers great protection from bumps and scratches but at the same time allows us to be able to insert and remove in a really simple.

The cover is definitely not the most subtle to the market, but has been specifically designed to protect our device from bumps and more violent.
All of our physical controls are within easy reach and iPhone 5 azionandoli, particularly with regard to the volume buttons and power-that are covered under the custody and faithfully reproduced.
We have already mentioned the quality of the materials of the KX NuGuard. The outer shell is made with a new technology developed precisely in the military sector, while inside are soft like velvet cover, which will ensure our safety device against accidental scratches that sometimes are created by its cover.
The technology is the ability of the materials of which the product is made to absorb and evenly distribute the energy that forms at the time of impact, going to protect our smartphones.

Regarding the display, inside the packaging is not provided with a protective film, but the raised edges of the housing in correspondence of the screen we guarantee a fair protection to the glass, especially in the falls or if storing the phone to "face down ".
The KX NuGuard Case is designed and engineered with the sole purpose of protection, and it succeeds admirably. We tried (with great fear) also drop it from about a meter and the iPhone has not undergone any type of repercussion (for luck).

The price of the cover is $ 35.00 (about € 30) and can be purchased directly on the U.S. site Other World Computing , with waiting times in the shipment of about 7-10 days.
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