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iAppleMania | June 4, 2013

Review: NuStand mini XL

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Today we talk about a product different from the usual, but it goes well with our Apple products present in desk. This is the NuStand Mini XL produced by Newer Technology, a stand on which to build simple and minimal display of your computer or the iMac.
NuStand mini XL

The design of the NuStand Mini XL is really very simple and minimalist, with a sheet of clear Plexiglas bent on the sides to make it stand and nothing else.

A really simple and elegant product with its extreme simplicity plays a very important role on our desk.

NuStand mini XL

As already mentioned the NuStand Mini XL is nothing more than a sheet of Plexiglas (about 2cm thick) which has been created on practical stand.

In addition to the features for which it was created, thanks to which we have a valid support for the display of our computer, for the Thunderbolt display or directly to the iMac, the product is also very useful as a space-saving given that below it it will create a vacuum of about 5-6cm in height in which we could be everything.

NuStand mini XL
The producers love to show as examples the positioning of the Mac Mini or Airport Express, but in my opinion can find a house right below the NuStand also the keyboard and Magic Mouse iMac. Conclusions

The NuStand Mini XL is a very comfortable and really minimalist design that we love so much. Its usefulness must be considered case by case, but in my desk turned out really good for saving space that has been created.

The price of $ 49.95 on the site of Newer Technology tends to alienate a lot of customers, but for anyone who is looking for a stand simple but very functional at the same time certainly can not do without.

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