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IGXPro | December 11, 2012

Review: Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

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Review – Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

Living in Canada can get pretty cold this time of year and a pair of capacitive-friendly gloves aren't worth anything if they can't also keep your fingers warm. Luckily the NuTouch Gloves do just that, I took them for a test drive the past couple days, with the temperatures being well below zero Celsius. I had missed a bus I meant to catch forcing me to wait outside for an extra half an hour. Surprisingly my feet were more cold than my hands by the time I got on the bus. So that is a good start.

In addition to being warm I found they were fairly comfortable as well, though the finger tips are noticeably less soft as that is where that capacitive technology is, yet no heat escaped through that area as there are no conductive metal fibers, which other such gloves may have.

In terms of usability they are perfect. I initially tried them out on my Lumia 920which already works well with gloves, but I turned off the high sensitivity and notcied no difference, they continued to work well. I tested the gloves out on my far less glove-friendly Samsung Focus, still worked as though I had no gloves on at all. I had also tested it on a few other capacitive devices laying around and found no lag or issues with sensitivity or accuracy of my touch.

All in all I am very impressed with the NuTouch Gloves. My only issues was that I made the mistake of asking for mediums when I should have asked for large gloves, as they stretch oddly when not large enough, I only feared getting "baggy" gloves. That is my fault, not one of he gloves. This shouldn't be an issue for you as there is a handy sizing chart on the website, which you can find at the link below. You can also follow this handy guide: To determine hand size, measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm.

  • Small: 6 3/4 inches
  • Medium: 7 1/2 inches
  • Large: 8 inches
  • XLarge: 8 1/2 inches

At the asking price of $9.00(sale price for the holidays) I can definitely recommend these to any who must endure the coldness of winter his year, without sacrificing the usability of their smartphone.

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