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iPhone Life | March 5, 2013

Power2U Wall Outlet Adds USB Ports for Easy iDevice Charging

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I've long been a fan and paying customer of Other World Computing and its online store many years. In my experience, it has the best collection of accessories and peripherals for Apple users. I've upgraded my Macs' RAM and solid state disk storage numerous times using its products.

I was intrigued by Other World Computing's Power2U AC/USB outlet ($14.99), from its Newertech brand. Given Apple's change to the Lightning connector, I've had to rethink my charging strategies to accommodate the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The Power2U has been an aid, allowing me to turn any wall outlet into a USB charging station.


Newertech makes the Power2U in assorted colors, including white, almond, and black.


It also offers a 20 Amp version for more demanding appliances. The outlet is UL listed, unlike some competing versions, so you'll have peace of mind. And it has an installation video online — as Other World Computing offers for so many other peripherals — making installation easy as long as you're comfortable around a fuse box, wall outlets, and light switch sockets.


At less than $25, this is a great way to eliminate the ugly 'wall warts' common in most households and offices. Finally, contractors should really consider embracing this solution and buying the bulk packs. It would be great if homes of the future made such outlets standard!

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