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Joe Farace Blogs | January 9, 2015

Indispensable Keypad Accessory for Mac Users

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I recently purchased a new 27-inch Apple 5K iMac and like all new apple computers it came with the company's elegant aluminum Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboard. It's a great keyboard from many perspectives but lacks one of the features missing from their not-wireless Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. And that's the numeric keyboard. I was tempted to just buy one of these keyboards, they're only $49 but with just four USB3 ports on the back of the iMac I know I was going to be cutting it close, plus the wireless part is pretty useful too.

Along comes NewerTech's Wireless Aluminum Keypad that is a perfect (and I mean perfect) match for apple's wireless keyboards. It's available with white keys to match most Apple desktop models or with black keys for those who want to use it with laptop models. But there's more than cosmetics going on here, it's full-sized 28-key numeric keypad that has the same key-throw, feel, design and size as Apple's keyboard.
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Integrating into my system was a snap. Insert the two provided AAA batteries and pair it using standard Bluetooth procedures; there's even directions written on the back of the keypad. You can choose to just have it sit alongside your keyboard but NewerTech includes an adapter that lets you marry keyboard and keypad so the combination looks like it came right from the factory. NewerTech's Wireless Aluminum Keypad costs $54.95 and comes with a one-year warranty making it a must-have accessory for me and any Mac users who wants to have their Bluetooth cake and keypad too.

The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad is compatible with: Bluetooth-equipped Macs including: Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini. Even Bluetooth equipped Windows computers. Apple iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air models.

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