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KontrolFreek | July 05, 2012

Freek Review: Newer Tech Power2U

What can you say about something that does exactly what it's intended to do? Well, quite a bit actually.

The Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB wall outlet is a cool and convenient way to charge and power all of your mobile devices using USB and traditional AC powered "plug in" items. Incorporating two three prong AC wall sockets and two USB ports, the Power2U is a seamless and clutter free solution for offices, kitchens, bedrooms or wherever you do most of your charging.

Installation is a breeze, and took me a total time of about 15 minutes from "power off" to "power on". The outlet can be installed in any existing 15A 120V electrical receptacle and requires only a screwdriver and basic knowledge of electrical wiring.

Once installed, I plugged in my laptop, Android phone, iPad and my 3DS's charging base and found myself pretty excited that all of my gadgets were in one place!

For about $25, Power2U is an awesome, modern and totally geeky DIY home upgrade that your friends will be jealous of. It comes in four different colors to match your décor and you can even purchase in bulk so you can do your entire house if you want—and you will want.
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