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Mac Mais | March 27, 2012

Tested: NuStand Mini XL for Mac Mini Riser

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Mac Mais
Mac Mais
There are not many accessories dedicated to the Mac mini. Peripherals, yes, after all he has no keyboard, mouse and monitor. But do not think many manufacturers to create specific for this remarkable little Apple products.

So the NuStand mini XL riser from NewerTech is a treat. In fact, it is something very simple, but can be essential for those using the Mac mini as a computer and not as a Media Center. Made of transparent acrylic, NuStand mini is a pedestal for monitor and the central span, you can put the mini quietly (you can even put your computer and an AirPort Extreme). Besides gaining space on the table, NuStand solves another problem, the ergonomics. With the higher screen, you get a more relaxed and comfortable position.

But do not think that the pedestal can be used only with the Mac mini. According to the manufacturer, it easily withstands the 27-inch iMac and will can be used to store the wireless keyboard and mouse. Too bad he was not also thought to be used with MacBooks, since the USB ports and power connector are on the sides, and there is no way to access them easily. The model 13, for example, is very fair on the go NuStand.

NuStand mini XL riser
Cute; ergonomic; can be used with iMac 27 "and the AirPort base stations.
Is not for notebooks.

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