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Monthly Computer Chronicle | February 2013

Review: NewerTech Voyager S3

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NewerTech Voyager S3 Drive Dock

If you have a desktop computer and have had to change or add a new hard drive, you know what a task that is. Getting to the insides of the computer is the first challenge – mine is under the desk, so I have to disconnect all the cables and move the computer out where I can work on it. Then you have to fish around and remove the old drive, mount and connect the new one, and then put everything back together.

The Voyager S3 Drive Dock saves you a lot of time and effort. It requires a SATA drive, and attaches to your computer with USB 3.0. You insert your drive in the dock, turn the dock on and you are in business.

It appears in Explorer as just another drive and can be used as any other drive. Using it to back up the system is really convenient. Just start your backup software, select the destination and go. What could be easier?

Since the computer connection is USB, you can swap drives in the dock without having to turn the computer off – just plug and play!

While the dock is useful for a desktop, it’s even better for a laptop. To replace the hard drive in a laptop means opening the base, removing tiny screws, and then installing the replacement. Again, the dock is a breeze to use with a laptop. You are simply adding a hard drive instead of replacing one.

The box comes with a brief User Manual, the dock itself, which has a slot for a 2.5" drive, and a hinged flap for a 3.5" drive, a power cord and transformer and a USB 3.0 cable that is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

The dock itself has a power button, which supplies power to the SATA drive, an activity LED, which also serves to show when power is on, and a drive eject button. No drivers are required.

This is a handy solution to having an additional hard drive easily accessible, with the ability to swap out multiple drives for either your desktop or your laptop.

Price $35

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