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Monthly Computer Chronicle | June 2014

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NuGuard KX Case and Screen Protector

There are many, many accessories for cell phones and tablets available from a wide variety of manufacturers. All provide the same basic protection: a case protects from bumps and falls; a screen protector gives assurance that fingerprints and other smudges won't befoul your valued instrument.

So what does NuGuard have to offer that all the other products don't?

First, the case is a much better protector against abuse, intentional or otherwise. In fact, it has been designed and tested to meet military impact tests. The company describes the case thusly: It "uses state-ofthe-art X-orbing gel technology to absorb and distribute kinetic energy."
NuGuard KX
The web site below has some dramatic tests of this technology, including drops from 20 feet and more to a concrete surface. Pretty amazing!

That's great, but there's more – the case is thin enough that you won't have trouble getting it in and out of your pocket or purse. The surface has a pleasing touch and is slightly knurled on the back for easy gripping.

You have a selection of eight vibrant colors from which to choose, including roulette red and midnight.

In spite of the superior protection this case gives you, all the ports and buttons are still available and it does not impact your ability to scroll and drag as usual. The case is easy to install and, also important, easy to remove.

Although you probably won't have to use it, the case comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

The NuGuard KX screen protector, described by the Company as "armor," does more than just provide a layer of plastic. It actually has three layers, Protection, Absorption and Adhesion.
NuGuard KXs
The Protection layer keeps dust and dirt away from away from the screen. The Absorption layer is Xorbing like the case and is "hammertough" and can even self-heal from minor impact dents. The Adhesion layer requires no liquid for application, yet leaves no residue when removed.

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