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Mobile Tech Review Forum | April 28, 2014

NuGuard KXs Screen Armor for iPhone and iPad (all models) Review

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The NUGUARD KXs is a heavy-duty screen protector for all iOS devices including iPhone and iPad models, as well as popular Android smartphones. Touting 3 individual layers, it purports to protect your screen from both scratches and impact damage.
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Size and Fit

The NUGUARD KXs comes in two sizes: full size and case friendly. The case friendly version is designed to leave a small gap around the edges of your screen to prevent it from getting damaged or dog-eared through continuous contact with cases. If you use a case with your phone, I definitely recommend the case-friendly version. As with all screen protectors, The NUGUARD KXs is not recommended for cases with their own screen covers, and with waterproof cases that use a gasket to form a seal against the glass of your device as the added thickness and the difference in materials may compromise the waterproof integrity of the case.
iPad Air
Features and Quality

The NUGUARD KXs boasts three different layers: a rigid layer that protects from scratches, a flexible layer that provides impact protection, and a self-adhesive inner layer. An important caveat to keep in mind regarding all screen protectors: Plastic is much softer than glass, and is much more prone to scratches and scuffs. Keep this in mind as you use it, and remember that while it may pick up many more scratches than your iPhone glass would, it can easily be replaced while your device screen cannot. The NUGUARD KXs installed on my iPhone in seconds thanks to two idiot-proof tabs, but I ended up removing it several times in an attempt to get it straight and centered. Once installed, the included smoothing tool got the bubbles out with little trouble.

Unfortunately, installation on an iPad was much more challenging. To be fair, I have never installed a screen protector on an iPad and been happy with it. The larger surface area exponentially multiplies the number and size of bubbles, and makes removal much harder due to the vast distances the bubbles must be pushed to reach the edges. The NUGUARD KXs is clearly one of the highest quality screen protectors available. It's too bad that quality doesn't translate to an easier installation process.

If you're a believer in screen protectors, the NUGUARD KXs is one of the best you can buy, especially due to their case-friendly offerings. Be prepared to spend some time on bubble removal, however, if you're installing it on an iPad.

Editor's Ratings (1-5): 3
What's Hot: Very durable. Protects your screen against minor impacts as well as scratches. Available in two versions (full-size and case friendly).
What's Not: As difficult to install as other screen protectors, particularly on iPads. While it protects your screen from scratches, it is, itself, not scratch-proof.

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