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My Boys and Their Toys | May 05, 2013

Newer Tech Power2U USB Power Outlet Review

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Technology is an ever-growing market, and with the growth of this market it seems that many tech items need to be charged using a USB plug-in. From my son’s remote control helicopter to my iPad, they all have the option to charge using a USB port. The problem is the only place I have a USB plug-in is at my computer. Well, not anymore. Because of the tech savvy people at Newer Technology, I was given the opportunity to test out their 15A-TR Power2U outlet, which not only gives you the option to power traditional AC powered items, but it also includes two USB ports.
When I saw this item I knew I had to have it for my household. We love incorp-orating 21st century tools in our home and this wall outlet came at the perfect time. I was a bit nervous installing it because I am not an electrician, but with their do it yourself video it was a breeze. It took me step by step through the process and eased my nerves. I had the old outlet out within no time, and I was able to use the Power2U outlet right away to charge my iPhone.
Power2U installation
I would recommend the Newer Technology® Power2U™ 15Amp AC/USB Wall Outlet to any tech savvy household. With the growth of items powered by a USB port, every home should purchase such an innovative outlet.
The Power2U wall outlet is available in multiple colors and purchasable as a single outlet, 2 pack, 10 pack, and even 100 pack. Head over here to find the right one for you.

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