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My Mac | May 22, 2012

Take A Stand – NuStand Alloy Review

NewerTech Media Coverage

For your iPad: NuStand Alloy

Company: NewerTech

Price: $24.99

This stand is similar to the BookArc in design but all similarities end there. The NuStand Alloy (NSA) is made of a lighter aircraft grade aluminum with a rubberized black finish that makes it soft to the touch and scratch resistant. The slot in the middle has a silicon gasket that holds your iPad in either portrait of landscape mode.

Non skid rubber feet keep the NSA from sliding off your desk and from scratching it. The NSA is very light and the slot that holds your iPad is wider than the thickness of your iPad so thin cases like the NewerTech NuGuard case will fit in the NSA without having to remove it. I don't have one of those cases but I use a Kensington thin case which doesn't quite fit in the NSA. However, I can open the cover and slip my iPad into the NSA which is acceptable. I wish the NSA was a tad wider.

So lightweight you could take it with you when you travel, a silicon center with non-skid rubber feet, and a rubberized coating to prevent scratches all make the NuStand Alloy a good choice to hold your iPad.

MyMac Review Rating: 8 out of 10

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