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Cases for your iPhone 6 Plus

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Other World Computing - NuGuard KX for iPhone 6 Plus (Reviewed)

Price: iPhone 6 - $29 - iPhone 6Plus - $39 - Four Delicious Colors

Link: NuGuard KX for iPhone 6 Plus
NuGuard KX iPhone 6 Plus
Where the BookBook presents style and function, the OWC KX NuGuard cases are all about protection.

I had a KX case for my previous phone, an iPhone 4S, and I also have a company supplied iPhone 5, whose everyday case is an OWC NuGuard KX.

The OWC site tells us the case is made from "gel technology" and offers "state-of-the-art x-orbing technology which evenly distributes kinetic energy to provide massive drop protection." Not sure what "x-orbing technology" really is but the drop protection seems to work well. This is a gel type of case that offers easy installation of your iPhone. You simply slip your phone into the case and you are ready to go.
NuGuard KX iPhone 6 Plus cutouts
There are cutouts for your camera, flash, and the mute button. On the bottom the headphone jack, lighting connector, and the speaker are all easily accessible.
NuGuard KX iPhone 6 molded
Meanwhile the KX case has buttons molded into the sides for volume and Off/on.
NuGuard KX iPhone 6 buttons
The case itself is designed with an "over molding process" that provides enhanced screen protection along the edges of the phone. This really does work. I've dropped my phone several times with zero damage. Since the edges are raised up, a flat drop won't result in screen damage. The cross hatch texture on the edges helps with grip; even so, I've been a butter fingers from time to time.

My experience, from a protection standpoint, when using the KX line of cases, both in the past and present, has been outstanding. I dropped my iPhone 4S more than a couple of times with no damage. In fact, at one point I dropped my iPhone 5 while at the dealership for repairs and the damn thing actually rolled underneath my car. I had to get on my hands and knees to retrieve the phone, and as I expected, there was zero damage. I've only dropped my 6 Plus once, and my phone sustained no damage.

Using the OWC link above will take you to the KX page where there are links to all kinds of drop test videos.

Now the downside. The recessed cutout for the mute button makes the lever tough to get at. In addition, the on/off button is tough to push in. The volume buttons seem a bit less stiff. Perhaps over time they may loosen up a bit.

The KX NuGuard case for iPhone 6 Plus is my everyday case. In my own experience, the case protects the phone very well while adding less bulk than other protective cases I have seen that offer the same level of protection.

I highly recommend this case. It really works.

MyMac Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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