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North Coast Mac Users Group | March 15, 2014

Review: NuGuard KX iPhone Case and NuGuard KXs protective cover

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North Coast Mac Users Group
Product: NuGuard KX iPhone Case and NuGuard KXs protective cover
Manufacturer: NewerTech
Price: Starting at $25 for case and $9.99 for cover
Reviewed by: Lorene Romero

NewerTech has recently updated their product line of NuGuard KX and introduced the new impact X-Orbing screen armor called KXs. Alone each one of them gives phenomenal protection to your IOS devices, but bring them together and you have a winning combination.

First off, the NuGuard KX case uses state of the art X-Orbing gel to protect against impact damage and scratches. This one-piece case only takes seconds to install and best of all it is not bulky.

The brand new NuGuard KXs is a triple layer X-Orbing screen protector and is built to prevent scratch, shatter and impact damage. It is virtually invisible and very easy to put on. This case comes in two styles: case friendly or full size.

In tandem these products are a lifesaver. I now have an iPhone 5s and love it. I'll never forget a hard-learned lesson when I dropped my iPhone 4 a week after I bought it and cracked the screen. That annoying crack reminded me daily how fragile our phones are. As soon as I got my new phone, I also bought the NuGuard KX. Earlier this year the KXs was introduced and I am the proud owner of that also.

So run, don't walk, to buy your own NuGuard KX and KXs products now.
NuGuard KX and KXs

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