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Nerd Reactor | December 28, 2012

NewerTech GripStand 3: The only iPad case you'll ever need

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One of the main things you will need for an iPad is a case/stand. For many, the standard case for the iPad is the typical one that flips open like a book. These cases also act like a stand, but the problem is that you are limited to usually one viewing angle. Well, I never had a need to use any of these "standard" cases thanks to Newertech's GripStand 3 (I sound like a damn TV infomercial). It is made for 3rd and 4th generation iPads and acts as a protective case, display stand, and hand grip.

First, let's talk about the most important feature here; the hand grip. As a geek who loves to read comic books, the hand grip is the perfect feature that allows you to easily hold the iPad on one hand and digitally flip the pages with the other. The hand grip is just a handy tool because it frees up your other hand to do whatever you want. Imagine yourself at an art exhibit, and you want to show off your portfolio masterpieces. Using the hand grip on one hand, you can demonstrate and gesture with your other hand freely about why this artwork of yours is the pinnacle of human excellence.

The hand grip can rotate in many different angles, so you can use it a a stand for the iPad. With it being adjustable, you can have a viewing angle of just about any angle. Whether you're laying down, sitting or standing, the viewing angle can be adjusted accordingly. Okay, I'll have to use my best example. When going to the bathroom, you can set it down on the floor and have the best viewing angle by adjusting the hand grip. Okay, so let's say you're not a fan of watching videos in the bathroom, it's also perfect for watching videos at a…okay, so I can only think of the bathroom as the best example.

The GripStand 3 also acts as a protective case. It's made of plastic, so I'm still iffy about its durability under harsh environments; for example dropping it from a tall height and chucking it across the room. It also doesn't have a cover to cover the the face of the iPad. I usually don't worry about that because I use an iPad sleeve for that reason. But if you don't have an iPad sleeve, then this is definitely something that can be improved upon.

NuGuard GripBase

This is an option, but you can get the bundle that includes both the GripStand 3 and the GripBase. With the GripBase, you can attach the GripStand and have your iPad be displayed like a computer monitor. This is good for when you want a portable desktop station. For me, it's not necessary because it defeats the purpose of having a portable and versatile case/stand for the iPad. The GripStand 3 is valued at $34.95 MSRP, and the GripStand 3 & GripBase Bundle for iPad 3rd Gen is $59.95. It's a well-rounded case that allows me to do almost anything with it. GripStand 3 available at and GripBase & GripStand 3 combo also available at

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