Newer Technology® : News Room : Press Article : Review: NuGuard GripStand, By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, from Retail Minded Magazine

Retail Minded Magazine | Jul/Aug/Sep, 2012

Review: NuGuard GripStand

NewerTech Media Coverage iPad® GripStand™

Who needs a cash register or computer when you have an iPad? More and more merchants are dismissing clunky computers, cash registers and even laptops in favor of iPads. While their small size is appealing, the concern of theft lingers, as does the thought that it could get broken. Lucky for us, NewerTech developed a savvy grip stand for iPads that simply pops on and off. Designed with secure handles for carrying and sharing, the stand also allows for the iPad to "sit up" and be used. Plus, retailers will feel comforted knowing their iPads are both safe and secure in case it accidentally falls. Additionally, if you want to share your iPad with customers, it helps create ease when passed from one user to another so it doesn't slip from the hand. If you want to take it up a notch, NewerTech also offers a Grip Base that locks iPads into place while also providing a convenient charging station. With stands available under $20, this is a small investment worth considering. It's like dressing up your favorite technology.

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