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ROBISTECH | April 2, 2013

NuGuard KX Review: Protection Without the Bulk

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Whenever I hear the words “protective” and “iPhone Case” together, I immediately think of big, bulky, and ugly. The case may do a very good job protecting the phone, but for the the other 99% of the time when you’re not dropping your phone, it may very well hinder the performance of you actually being able to use the phone as it was intended. I had the opportunity to take a look at the new NuGuardKX case for the iPhone, and I have to say, I was very impressed!

A couple of questions you probably ask yourself when looking for a phone case are: How does it make my phone look? Do I like the color? Does it fit my personality? Is it easy to hold? Is it easy to take in and out of my purse/pocket?

NuGuard KX
Just a few normal questions that anyone has when looking for the perfect phone case for them. The NuGuard KX is beautifully designed and engineered, and all of the hard work from the teams working on this case is shown when you get up close and personal with it. Starting with the most obvious, I opted for the “Roulette Red” option. I had always had a plain, boring Black/Grey case on my devices, and I wanted to change it up and try something new. The Roulette Red showcases the beauty of the case and I love how vibrant the color is. Another thing I really love about this case is the “grip” texture on the back. The case isn’t covered with it, but the design on the back has some special material that makes holding the phone comfortable and I know that I have a good grip on it.

Another important factor about this case is the fact that if offeres “Protection without the Bulk”. When I picture in my mind a military drop tested iPhone case, I think of a beautifully designed smartphone, wrapped in hard plastic and covered all around. It would sound like the case would be unusable, but the NuGuardKX sports a very slim, and thin profile, making it more comfortable to hold, easier to put into pockets, and a much better looking case. I love having a case that will protect my phone when it falls, but also be a nice, comfortable case when I have it in my hands.

The design of this case is really top notch, and with all of the different colors available you can’t go wrong with this being a beautiful, slim case.

NuGuard KX
I found the phone and all of its buttons to be pretty usable inside the case. Getting the phone into the case is anyting but challenging and the case can be put on the phone within a matter of seconds. Once in the case, all of the phone’s ports seemed to be pretty usable. I didn’t have any problem with the Volume Up and Down buttons, or the power button, but I did have some trouble with the Vibration switch. There is a bit of a gap where the Vibration button sits making it a little tricky to adjust the Vibration switch to on or off. I’m used to being able to switch it seamlessly from my pocket, but I did have a little trouble fitting my finger into the space where there is already a very small switch. Now this is certainly not a fatal flaw in the case, but just something you may need to be aware of and get used to if you’re switching from a slim case. If you’re moving down from something like the Otter Box defender, you will appreciate the fact that there are now covers over any of the buttons or ports. The Lighting port was easily accesible, and the speakers were not impaired from the case at all.


NuGuard KX
This case is Military Drop Test Certified ML-STD 810G. Basically this phone case was dropped..alot… and tested to withstand drops with a certain force without breaking. Now I didn’t test this case under military conditions, and as an average consumer, I really try my best not to break and shatter my $200 iPhone 5, but when I did do a couple of small,and some large drop tests right onto a wooden table and carpet, the case, and phone, held up just fine. The special X-Orbing gel in the case is not very noticeable, but when you drop the phone, you do see it working when the phone bounces a bit, instead of crashing directly to the ground. NewerTech has a bunch of different drop tests videos, they have down, which you can check out below.
Wrap Up:
Overall, the NuGuardKX is an excellent phone case, and one I would definitely recommend to anyone looking sor a beautifully looking, slim iPhone case, but also something that can withstand the accidental drops. This case has become my personal case of choice, and I love the beautiful design, protection, usability, and of course, price. The case currently goes for $35 on NewerTech’s site, and compared to other cases that are in the same “protection” market, this case is certainly a deal. Pick one up, I definitely recommend it!

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