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ROBISTECH | May 04, 2013

NuGuard GripStand + GripBase Review

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The NuGuard GripStand is a great iPad case, offering a slim, sleek, and comfortable form fitting iPad Case with the addition of an attachable/detachable circular handle that could be used to easily carry the iPad around, or prop it up and rotate it for the right viewing angle. It is very simple, sleek and affordable.

The NuGuard GripBase has to be one of my favorite units I've ever had in for review. I've always wanted to have a proper desk mount for my iPad, and the GripBase was exactly what I wanted. It takes a whopping 1 minute to setup by screwing in a single screw, and then it is up and ready to go. It rotates 360 and has multiple orientations and angles that you can use to view the iPad. It's very sturdy, well built, and a great accessory to any desk. It's also very portable, and can easily be attached/detached and slipped into any messenger bag.

If you want to get your hands on this amazing bundle, head to the NewerTech Website.

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