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ROBISTECH | July 8, 2013

NewerTech GripBase Podium Review

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NewerTech has a great reputation of making stellar products at affordable prices, and the NuGuard Grip Base is no exception. I’ve been using my GripStand ever since I reviewed it and have loved it, but the only problem I ever had with it was adjusting it. It’s been a great desktop stand for having it on my desk, but since getting back into podcasting, I’ve been looking for an iPad podium that would be adjustable and portable, that would allow me to adjust the height and orientation of the iPad on the fly, and the GripBase Podium does just that!

We’ll start with construction. One of the things I love most about NewerTech products is the fact that they are hgih quality and very easy to install/set up. The Grip base comes in 4 main parts: The Podium Weight, Weight Cover, the Podium “neck” and the screw to tighten it all together. Putting the GripBase Podium was a piece of cake, and one of the real advantages to the GripBase Podium is easy assembly/disassembly. If you’re looking for a podium to pack into a suitcase and take on the road with you, this is a great option. Hassle free, built well, and very portable.

As far as actual use goes, the GripBase podium met and exceeded my expectations for an iPad Podium. Like I said above, I was mainly looking for height and orientation adjustment, and the GripBase handles this beautifully. If you’ve ever spoken in front of an audience and had a mic on a podium, you know how important it is to get the adjustment just right. You can’t be bending over to talk lower in the mic, and you can’t have the mic above your head, to tall for you to reach. Using a Podium for an iPad is the same thing, and height and ordination adjustment is key. The GripBase podium will go as tall as almost 5ft, and low enough to just a few feet off the ground. With a twistable knob on the neck, it’s extremely easy to adjust the height on the fly, even during a presentation. Orientation is also very easy. Adjustability was a huge plus.

Overall, I was very happy with the GripBase Podium and would recommend it to anyone looking for an iPad Podium. Whether you’re doing presentations, podcasting, or even just watching some tv or playing games and want a special stand, the GripBase Pro is what you want, at a price you can’t beat!

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